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Angela Call

Artist Angela Call

Born in the buffer state of Moldova at the height of the Soviet Union’s power, Angela’s artistic career began from the moment she discovered pencils. Walls, in particular, were frequent victims of her early creativity, but the good furniture suffered in equal measure.

As a young student, Angela’s interests turned to caricaturization. This talent earned her as many enemies as it did friends, and attracted the attention of the editor-in-chief of the republican newspaper “Youth of Moldova.” In complete disregard for the vagaries of Soviet-era child labor laws, Angela started her first job as a professional illustrator at the age of 15.

Angela found ready work in the field of journalism, culminating in relative fame as a political cartoonist after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 2001 Angela married her second husband and subsequently immigrated to the United States. She is currently living in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children.