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Hold on to Your Horses Princess Sneaking
The combined efforts of many people made this project possible.

Sandra would like to thank:
Angela for her beautiful pictures. Howard Tayler for his invaluable support in all things, also for taking over the image editing once I'd proven I had no clue what to do. Bill Call for facilitating communications, and for his many hours of effort to make the project work. Eric Stone for coding this website and for helping copy edit the book. Janci Olds, Bob Defendi, Scott Roberts, and Rachel Ann Dryden for copy editing help.

Angela would like to thank:
Firstly, my thanks to Sandra Tayler, whose project has offered my work a purpose beyond mere entertainment.

Beyond that, I'd like to give my thanks to all of the people who inspired me in my efforts to become an artist; without them, I could never have found my calling: my first teacher, Vasily Isidorovitch Nyegrutzii, who guided my young hand (and pencil) away from his walls and led me to a larger world; my parents, Maria and Eugeniu Baltag, who never despaired in their efforts to turn an incorrigible brat into a responsible adult; my husband and children, who remain my greatest support and source of inspiration.

I owe you everything, and I love you all.